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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tampa Trip; I Signed an Embellisher!

This cheerful row of houses sitting in the sun along the water's edge was created while I was getting ready for my trip to Keep Me in Stitches, Tampa, Florida. I love creating cottages and houses, it's just so much fun to add the tiny details such as fancy doors and windows. It has a new home now with my dear friend, Karen, who picked me up after the event had finished to take me to her lovely home in Clearwater; we had a great time touring Tarpin Springs checking out the Sponge Farm and having dinner at the best of the Greek restaurants, Hellas (mmm, yards of fabulous mouth watering Greek pastries too).

You can't really tell from this picture, but this fluffy flower has about 12 layers of silk gauze - I'm going to add a pin back. Great to dress up a sweater or a hat. My mind was in a sunny mode (unlike real life) while getting ready for the trip. I was tickled when one of the students who purchased an Embellisher asked me to sign her machine! A first for me and so funny!

Valentines day is fast approaching, so why not whip up a few hearts to share with those you love; you could make some small ones to hand out. A very special Valentine for those you care about and a perfect way to use up your scraps.

Ready for Tampa - these packs of bright colors contain silk velvet, wool, silk gauze and dupioni, yarns and curls all dyed by me and the other packs have a delicious assortment of curls just waiting for the labels to be added.


  1. Lovely work as always Margo!! Makes me drool to look at your work!

  2. Those colours are delicious!!!!

  3. Thanks Karen and Rosalind :-) I love getting feedback and reading your wonderful comments.

  4. Hey Margo, I'm so thrilled with the bag I got. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Holly - I'm so glad you like it - I hope you have lots of fun using it! let us see what you do with it - inspiration for us all, I'm sure.