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Monday, October 25, 2010

Silk Workshop

I'm a member of the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild and last week we had a silk workshop and learned amazing details about silk and how to create silk luminaries from silk hankies; Renate Moskowitz - a very, very talented teacher and member of the group was our instructor; the next two days were spent degumming silk organza, clamping and dyeing it before using these artistic pieces to create wraps and pillows using very luxurious silk oblongs and caps.

The red piece is heavy silk satin and is an example of a travel pillow that is as soft as a cloud when touched - the blue wrap was made as a gift for a friend who was having surgery to act as a "hug" whenever she needs it. The pictures just can't begin to show just how luxurious and sot this is!
Doesn't this large round luminary look like a pumkin? Even more so when it's lit but I couldn't get a good picture of it.


  1. beautiful Margo - love the light shining though - almost ethereal

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