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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gone (felt) Fishing

Blue Fish gone wild! Here he is still wet with no side fins.

Here he is dry but unstuffed.

Now he is fully stuffed and happy

in the garden.

I took a great class taught by Sharon Costello "Go Felt a Fish" the week prior to the MD Sheep & Wool - alas that first blue fish was "caught" by my little grandson, Win, and has since found another home . . . . . so

we now have a little goldfish too - made while we were at the lake (well it was impossible for me to be away without felting for a whole week!) and this past weekend my granddaughter, Allie and daughter-in-law Michele, came over to make more - we were so busy that they left before I could get a picture of their finished fish but we had a great time and now they are budding felters too!