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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MD Sheep & Wool Prizes!

"Song of the Earth" -- recognize the background? It was done some time ago but it needed "something" on the right side to balance and complete this piece. I didn't know that a cheeky little bluebird would emerge when I began! I started by sketching on to a piece of water soluble paper the shape and a little larger to allow for shrinkage. I used my embellisher to needle felt the wool before wet felting it. As I begain the felting process, I saw this sweet little guy begin to peek out and before long there he was, complete with worm and a few eggs secretly stashed in his cozy nest. He won a First prize ribbon!

"Circles" won a Second place at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. A gorgeous piece of silk from Emma Onesock inspired the rest - a hand dyed silk "circles" scarf was dyed the same shade of "leafy" green and some deep plum accents added to match the subtle flowers in the silk print as well as some embroidered and embellished circles - what fun to make and to wear!

The Maryland Sheep & Wool took place on the same weekend as we were leaving for vacation this year although I did get to take a class a few days before it officially opened. I did enter three items and won 2 "First" place ribbons and a "Second." This indigo vest -- all the various bits and pieces dyed in the vat, felted together, embellished in areas with my Babylock Embellisher then stitched; I had a great time designing this and it fits like a charm.


  1. Patrząc na te kamizelki, zapiera mi dech w piersiach.

  2. Wonderful! I love the blue bird!
    Congrats with the prizes! I can see why you've won!

  3. The pattern I used is by Myfawny Sterling - I took a workshop with her in Glen Falls, NY - she is a wonderful teacher - make sure to sign up if you get a chance to take one of her classes.