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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pamela McGregor's Vessel Class

Last week I was fortunate enough to take a three-day workshop with Pamela McGregor.  And it took every bit of the three days get our vessels into shape.  Before class I had struggled with what shape to make but in the end I decided that I would make a vase because 1) I had some sequins bits (the sequins look so interesting when felted) cut off of an upcycled dress that reminded me of flowers (you know how I love them) and 2) I wanted to learn how to make a stopper that fit.  Now how many vases with stoppers have you seen? - not many, I didn't have the color of wool that I wanted to work with (aqua) so I used the green that I usually love but am a little tired of at the moment and I knew it would be a little weird (vase with a stopper?) - well, by the end of the second day when I looked around the room at all the very gorgeous and artistic shapes and then at my piece, I had to burst out laughing and I wasn't the only one - it was resembling something that I hadn't planned and didn't really want.  Of course all the clever felters in my class did wonderful sculptural pieces that were just amazing under Pam's watchful eye and careful instruction.  That night was a restless one - could I save it?  Every time I thought of it, I got a chuckle so I decided I needed to take drastic steps and out came my trusty Embellisher (and the scissors) the next morning to the rescue. At the last day, and after some work, the top of the vase began to look like a strawberry jar and I did learn how to make a fancy stopper that fit.   I began to really like it and what great memories are incorporated into every rub (thousands, believe me!)


  1. Rewelacyjny pomysł! Super wykonanie!
    Bardzo proszę zdejmij to okropną weryfikację obrazkową.
    Lubię Twój blog, ale komentarze mnie wykańczają.

  2. This is amazing !! Very Seusical and whimsical!!! I can relate to your fretting but you really pulled it off!! What fun and I know that you learned so very much more since you had to struggle a bit!!!