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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lost in the Process

I have been slowly getting back to doing what I love best, I can just get lost in the process.  I'm so understanding of my students when they take a while to do the layout of a project because I can so relate, I love it so (although I do have to push myself along as well as those in class or we would never finish!  This is a luxurious alpaca/silk prefelt that I had in my stash for ages - to begin trying to get back to normal, I had to consider standing time as my back still gets tired and helped.  The prefelt was deep grey with a fine layer of black merino on top.  Some of the fabrics I used were interesting bits and pieces that I had dyed with pomegranate wrapped inside and iron water.  The fascinating thing is that two of the pieces were cheesecloth and two others silk; now that they are felted in, I truly cannot tell the difference in quality.  Other materials used were silk velvet burnout, silk hankies and silk carrier rods.  It is very, very soft and warm.

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