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Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Who is Madonna you might ask and why am I mentioning her?  I thought you'd like to know why I hadn't posted in a very long time.   Well, Madonna was my alter ego for 3 months; she was a clamshell brace that I could only remove at night (and that was a blessing).  You see, on October 13, I slipped in the shower, broke my back and wrist; my wrist required surgery and I had 7 screws and a  plate installed so I've been out of action since then.  First time in an ambulance and first time hospital stay except for childbirth many years ago.  The Beaufort Memorial Hospital was the BEST - (can't say enough good things).  Thank goodness for a supportive husband and family to see me through.  Madonna though wasn't your ordinary brace, noooo, in fact, she was quite shapely and formed to my own body shape - actually, once I got used to her she was quite fun (she actually wore Christmas lights at our neighborhood annual party and was quite a hit!) but don't let that fool you, we had a love/hate relationship.  But she did see me through and now she is stuffed and is going to pay forever by being poked with pins - you see, she makes the perfect body double as she was measured to fit.

Aren't our bodies miraculous?  It is more than incredible to me that we are able to have such an awful injury and with the aid of good Dr's and patience, God works his miracles to heal.  I'm just so grateful to be well on the road and to perfect healing.


  1. ευχομαι ο,τι καλυτερο για την υγεια στο σωμα σας μετα απο τοση δυνατη ταλαιπορεια,και στην ψυχη σας που σιγουρα και αυτη τραυματιστηκε….
    μια καλημερα απο Ελλαδα με ευχες πολλες ευχες!!!!!
    και ευχες για μια ομορφη πεμπτη!!!

  2. glad you're on the mend

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments and for following my blog!