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Saturday, August 19, 2017

August not Lazy!

The long hot lazy days of summer have not been so lazy!  My friend, Judy, and I traveled to Florida to take a class with Irit Dulman - if you know anything about eco printing then you will recognize her name; to be able to study with her was a dream of mine.  I have been printing with leaves/plants now for about 8 - 10 years, studying, experimenting, taking copious notes but some secrets still managed to elude me.  Some of them became clear in the controlled study.  I tend to be much less disciplined and more experimental - let's try this with a pinch of that which sometimes works out great but gained me little in the way of being able to reproduce results.  I have so many wonderful prints now (not enough time to posts all of the pictures, but suffice it to say I'm thrilled with the knowledge and inspired to do a lot more). 

This piece is wool jersey cowl print using cochineal and printed with eucalyptus leaves from my own garden - so thrilled that they print orange!

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