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Monday, April 01, 2019


For the past several months, I've continued experimenting with machine knitting and figuring out the most professional way to put the pieces together.  For my recent coat, since the knitted front panels were too narrow, I found just the perfect dyed lace, wool, and silk in my stash that matched the colors perfectly so I Nuno felted to add to the front sections; it turned out really well and I stitched them together using free motion stitching.  I'm in love with it!

However, now that I have a better idea of how wide to knit the pieces next time, since I'm more interested in cut and sew for machine knitting than shaping on the machine, I did some research as to the most professional way to join the knitted pieces.  Hands down, it appeared that the Hague linker is the way to go and I found one on eBay which was shipped from Nevada (they are manufactured in the UK).  The seller has very good ratings and has been very responsive to questions, but something must have gone awry during shipping as it is hit or miss - sometimes the needle will catch the loop but more times than not and it just won't work properly.  The seller even had a new needle sent from the UK to me but it is still not working. I'm really sad about this as I, as well as my husband, have spent countless hours researching and setting and resetting the needle so at this point unless I can get it to work, it will be quite useless to me.  I will be contacting the seller to help come up with a resolution.

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