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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


This time, it is creating a donation piece for our local community.  We have a very dedicated group of people who give of their time and resources to support a local elementary school and I like to contribute to the annual auction.  While I am not quite ready to share pictures of my donation yet, I have already wet-felted the background of a wallhanging that is quite large. It has lots of texture including luscious curls and pieces of silk that I have either Sumi painted, dyed and or de-gummed.  

I had an accident (won't go into details but suffice it to say, it held me back a bit) and it has taken a while and I am getting back to normal.  I'm forever grateful to the ladies at the Maye River Gallery for their support and understanding - one in particular offered right away to take my place and work for me when I couldn't.    

In the meantime, my Ya-Ya sisters (remember that great movie?) visited - we have been friends for 30+ years and saw that movie together years ago, we shared memories and had some great laughs.  I made them each a fascinator and we had such a great time together reminiscing.  

About a week later, our eldest daughter and her husband came to celebrate her birthday and it was magical indeed but never long enough so there hasn't been a lot of opportunities to work.

Well back to the wall hanging:  I do love details and finding just the right finishing touches is my job this week - since my piece does have some Sumi ink painted silk and was inspired by the Japanese textiles that I love so much, I want it to have lots of interesting things to look at but keep it simple at the same time.  So the theme is nature although I haven't given it a title yet); my love of leaves will come into play once again.  I experimented making skeleton leaves and would have continued today, except I ran out of propane for my outside stove.  But can I say that I'm in love?  oooh nature, nothing is better and I am so amazed that the color and the veins of the real leaves mimic my silk hankie maple leaf that I stitched some time ago - they will be incorporated.  Of course, I had to add just a tiny touch of dazzle.

And of course, I need to mention my teaching trip to Scotland - WOW!!!  Such an exciting time and everyone was so kind to and made every effort to make a memorable time.  My Heart Belongs to Scotland but I do LOVE the USA.  

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