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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yesterday I had so much fun dyeing. I purchase most of the fiber for "Confections" already dyed but sometimes I get the need for particular colorways and the urge to create! I've also been in the organizing mode -- I have so much "stuff" that every once in a while I have to stop and take note of what I have plenty of and what needs to be replenished (and what needs to go to someone who would make good use and enjoy it! I know that no matter how much I already have, I love getting suprises such as the package of fabulous dyed fabrics that arrived from Stephanie who was my helper in Nashville last summer.


  1. What a gorgeous array of dyed fabrics you turned out!Is the left photo the wonderful "silk velvet" that is so soft?I'm off to see if you have more bags
    of "confections" colorways
    available; or "snippets" in
    new colors.....thank you
    for sharing your new

  2. Hello my dear Phyllis -- always a joy to hear from you. Those dyed pieces are silk scarves that will be used for pole wrapped shibori next weekend -- pleated then over dyed. Jenni will be home to play with me for two whole days! I can make up a special order of Snippets any time you like :-)