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Monday, February 11, 2008

Here are two more in the flower series that were needle felted, stitched and then wet felted using a mix of wools, silks and some velvet. The most difficult by far was the Iris. I cut the center of the first piece out as I just didn't like it -- made the mistake of doing the focal point flower first and it just wasn't pretty (got to fix those mistakes) and decided to do a more dimensional piece. To accomplish this I felted a new center piece and felted the three pieces together! The tulips came next and for some reason I became obsessed with the leaves and the shading. Each time I do one of these, it makes me focus on really noticing details that will hopefully improve my skill level.


  1. These are nicely done. I have tried needlefelting, then wet felting and then stitching but not the wet felting last. I'm sure that makes it more textural. I'll have to try that.

  2. Thanks Ruth! I love and appreciate your feedback, especially since you are a felter and understand just how addictive it can all be! Now I just need some more hours in the day to accomplish felting all the new ideas floating around in my head.

  3. Margo, the iris you cut up and re-did is perfect, and 3-dimensional!Way to go!And
    the gorgeous soft pinks/greens in the tulip piece are SO pretty together.Your additional
    shading/hues w/the leaves make the pink flowers "pop"
    out!Why do you wet-felt
    after embellishing?!Ha!You
    are going to make me play
    more this week!Thanks!

  4. Margo,

    Your felted pieces are just gorgeous. They look so light and soft. Thanks for posting the pictures. You are an inspiration.