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Monday, October 27, 2008

Babylock Project

Well, I just found out by accident while doing research for my book that the Embellished Jean Jacket that I designed for Baby Lock is finally listed on the Babylock site! Go check it out and download the free instructions - just in time for making gifts! It's fun, fast and easy and makes quite a statement! You can take the same idea and use it to decorate sweaters, sweatshirts or just about anything else! Have Fun!!!

I used velvet and other materials to needle felt a collar, lapels and pocket flaps. There are several other projects I designed for them as well so look out for these in the future on the Baby Lock website!


  1. yes I found it and it is wonderful thank you for this I ju=st love your work

  2. Thanks Emmy! too bad this is't a great picture. The actual colors are deep green silk velvet blues. Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see it!

  3. What a great project!
    Wishing you great success with your book, too, Margo...

    I'm a crazy quilter who is just starting to incorporate the Babylock Embellisher into my work. I took time off from CQing to take on a $5 sweatshirt from WalMart to see what I could do with it with my embellisher. You might get a kick out of seeing the results.

    I really enjoy your blog!

  4. Allie! (One of my granddaughters' shares your name!) I adore your sweatshirt!!! It is so fabulous! I know what you mean about wearing "works of art" - but I think if you wear it to craft shows you'll have ladies following you around! I have a sweatshirt that I embroidered some Baby Lock "Lollysticks" designs on and surrounded them with an embellished "garden" -- at first I felt like it was "over the top" for me but I got used to it. You make a lot of new friends that way - especially if you share how it was done :-) thanks for sharing!