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Monday, June 08, 2009

Tiny Tomato

Last week, my friend Kathy, generously shared some techniques she learned at a recent class - so I had the opportunity to make this tiny tomato bag complete with a seamless space around the top where you can thread a cord (still need to find a suitable one!). When gathered, the leaves become close together and it looks just like a tomato!


  1. This is absoluetly adorable!! i wisht ath I could see it in person!!! My tomatoes ae just forming here in VA. I can almost taste them!! Can't wait to get your new book!!!

  2. Nothing beats a good homegrown tomato so wish I could taste just one Elizabeth !!! - we can't grow any of the "real thing" - just not enough sun so I have to settle for the Farmers' Market where I just love to visit and stock up on everything!