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Monday, July 20, 2009


Finally, thanks to my daughter, Andrea, I'm going to have an Etsy store! To begin with I'll be selling colorful packs of wool curls/locks - every time I teach an embellisher class, people fall in love with these and want more. I'm planning to add Fancy Batts and "one of a kind" packs of my hand dyed colorways in a few weeks!

These two little pictures are examples of how locks can be used and were put together scraps from my stash and curly locks. The flower picture has orange wool roving needle felted onto silk chiffon with orange locks needle felted on top before being wet felted. The flowers are needle felted using my Embellisher and then stitched using free motion. The green "leaves" are more curly locks.

This has a very different look but was great fun - again just using scraps and locks. I like to begin using a monochromatic colorway and then play with colors to see what will give it a "punch" - wouldn't you like to visit that tiny cottage nestled in the hills?

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