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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Myfawny Stirling Felt Vest Class

What can I say except "the proof is in the pudding"
- we had the most wonderful workshop ever with Myfawny; she was so knowledgeable and inspiring. Class began on Day 1 with us trying on some of her gorgeous vests for size which gave us some time to think about our vest design ahead of time (always a good thing for me as I have to really ponder all possibilities and never jump right in - in other words, I'm usually a slow poke!). After some tips, we began laying out our felt. I had taken several pieces of fabric, and once I spied my friend Sharon's delicious reddish browns and pink hued hand dyed silk, I also sponged a little of that for detail - you can see it in some of the scallops on the side. I had planned on using mossy green wool but for some reason, the copper kept calling me. I began by laying down two pieces of a silk chiffon which I had planned to be the lining in different flower patterns but in the same colorway. The wool went on top and then the surface design was added. After felting, I fell in love with the floral side and so used it for most of the outside as you can see - it has the wonderful puckers that I love. One of the fun things that are difficult to see, is that there are all different underlayers peeking out; these are hand stitched in place with no seam line on the outside so it looks like another garment underneath in places.

On the second day we made our "bodies" and I laughed until I cried when Sharon and I had to carry them through the hotel to fit our muslin patterns - thank goodness we drove and didn't fly - would they have "frisked" our bodies? would the airline have make us get the bodies their own seat? or would they just sit on our laps? You can imagine the comments about the bodies hanging outside on the tree to dry alongside the felts! Each person's vest was unique - what an unbelievable and wonderful experience - I need to be 30 years old again to accomplish all the ideas swirling around in my head!


  1. Beautiful work- and sounds like fun! Are the "bodies" made from masking tape, papier-mache over t-shirts?

  2. Two of us worked together and our bodies were fit over a close fitted t-shirt and the tape had fine metal wire running through it and had to be wet to make it stick - it's sort of like a suit of armor. It was then cut off down the center back, removed and retaped closed. Yes, we got very familiar with one another LOLOL!!!

  3. This looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Thank you Nicole! wish you were coming to the East Coast - why don't you plan it next time :-)

  5. Love the vest...I would love to link to this from my blog, okay?
    Exquisite work...I am inspired!

  6. Roseanna, I'd be honored! thanks!