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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Felt Patchwork and Curls

I'm making a patchwork using up all the scraps leftover from my last two vests - the colors seem to really complement one another - it's a work in progress so I'm not sure what it will end up being! But as you can see, I dyed some curls this past weekend for my etsy store in some of the same tones - they remind me of Fall which is in the air here in Maryland this past few mornings. I also dyed some blue roving and curls - still drying.


  1. beautiful colors!!!! amazing.


  2. Thank you Marian!

  3. hallo margo, I'm manya from grammatiko in greece, I've been following for awhile, admiring your work.thanks for posting about your work-
    these colours are beautiful, what kind of dye do you use??

  4. Manya - I adore Greece - the people, the culture and the food! I once had a Greek friend who was the most excellent at very fine crochet work, gorgeous hand embroidery as well as a wonderful seamstress and cook - too bad she moved away and we lost touch as she was very inspiring.

    Thank you for your compliments; I use acid dyes - I mix them into liquid form (see an early post for more details) and store them in jelly jars so when I want to dye it is very quick and easy. I use my turkey roaster with great success.