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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Felting Again . . .

I did manage to work on a nuno vest here and there in the past few weeks to wear with a long dove grey dress that I purchased. The collar is hand-dyed silk needle felted/wet felted. The body is a lovely sheer white silk gauze - with silk/merino fiber and hand dyed silk leaves in various shades of soft green; it was very difficult to felt due to the very high silk ratio - but it fits me well and looks great with the dress. It sits back on the shoulder a bit and dips down in the back. It won a fourth prize at the MD Sheep and Wool last weekend. My other green "leafy" vest won a first prize!

Judy at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia, offers loads of vintage linens all hand dyed in a variety of yummy shades. Of course, I couldn't resist and brought home quite a few to experiment felting with. This handkerchief seemed like it would be a great candidate for fancy "pockets" to adorn a fine cardigan (I have one in mind). Simply cut in two and machine needle and wet felt some detail along the top which naturally gathers when it shrinks.

After I shipped all the materials I had dyed for the booth, I had plans to felt samples in each colorway but I found to my dismay that I had SHIPPED IT ALL - even the pieces I had set aside for samples!!!! . . . a little stressed? hahahaha!!! Anyway, I'll just have to use what I still have in my stash and "wing" it - here is an iris created from silk gauze. The background is nuno wool and silk gauze in green.

Some more pins and buttons - this time using my new pin cards and adding a little "bling." You can see the front and back of the new postcards - I'll use these for my business cards. The new fiber pack label is shown on the bottom right.


  1. Your new leaf top is glorious!!! OF course it took a ribbon- I certainly hope so!!! You are going to be ravishing in your new dress and that top!!!! You are going to wow the crowd in Texas!!!! I adore what you have done with Judy's hankie- simply brilliant!!!! Your new buttons and pins on your fabulous new cards are just wonderful!!!
    I must tell Judy to stop by for a visit! We really want you to come back to Artistic Artiafacts for another day for felting magic!!! Maybe a workshop showing us how to combine felting with her vintae linens!!!
    I ahve been up to all sorts of trouble- mostly getting my Son set up for college next year- but I ahve managed to get some art in as well!! I will send you some photos of some of my projects inspired by your work and my embellishing machine, soon!!
    Big Hugs! nad try to get some rest before your big Trip!!

  2. Margo- your sale will be a GREAT success!! What wonderful creations!
    Love your pockets!! I never would have thought!! Have A Blast!
    Judy Gula

  3. Margo, It is obvious to me that you know how to sew. Your tops are beautiful. I am new to nuno and am no seamstress, but am trying to learn. I am doing this just for myself. Do you have any videos on how you put your tops together once you have your fabric made? Love to see. Best. Again, love

  4. wonderful feltwork!!! it's so romantic.....lovely!

  5. Thanks Elizabeth - it would my pleasure to come again!

    Judy - can't wait until I have more time to experiment with your yummy things! I'm thinking of putting the pockets on a loose linen top. Thanks for everything including the booth setup! I'm going to use part of it - freaked us out at first trying to fit the puzzle pieces but I think it will be great - THANK YOU so much!!!

    Cameron - thanks for the compliment - actually the newest top was very easy. Write to me privately and I'll try to explain! - very sweet, thanks!