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Monday, May 31, 2010

Martha's Sewing Event

The booth was a lot of fun and I met so many terrific ladies! So many of had no idea of how an Embellisher worked and were amazed that it only had needles and no thread - I actually had to prove it to one of them by taking the machine apart to show them that there is no bobbin!

I have such a great respect for Martha Pullen, she is not only a very clever lady (and so funny!) but has been instrumental in keeping fine sewing alive which I think is so important; she remains a kind and decent person as well.
I remember years ago (early 70's) trying to find someone to teach me "whitework" and when I did find someone who knew about it, her eyes were failing so she wasn't able to teach me.

Here I am on stage, I must say while I wasn't at all nervous, I was anxious to do it well since I had never done a power point presentation before. I got some good feedback which I appreciated and will keep in mind in case there is a next time - keep to one picture per slide -- some ladies were so far back, it was difficult for them to see the detail in some of the slides but other than that, it was a great success (and I was able to relax when it was over).

Here is Andrea modeling at the fashion show on Friday night - poor thing had no notice at all, I just sort of "suggested" that she should do it and she did a fabulous job - much better than the pictures that her Mom (me) took!
This is my blue shawl with a needle felted top and "scrumbles" along the bottom - still a favorite.

Here's the lucky winner - her name was drawn after my presentation and her prize was an Embellisher! She stopped by my booth the next day and got some goodies to play with.


  1. The short sleeve cardigan you are wearing is lovely. You did a great job of felting and fitting it in a most flattering way.

  2. Well Congratulations!!! THe booth looks fabulous and I am sure that you were a smash hit!!! This is the second time in two days that I have seen the word SCRUMBLES used in this way!!! This is a new one for me. I adore that shawl!! I think that you brought it to Artistic Artifacts a spart of your trunk show and I did NOT want to pass it along!!!!!! Must figure this Scrumbles process out!!! Hoep that you can get a good rest now!!! i am sure that they will wnat you for next year!!!!