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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sighs of Relief and New Branding!

There was a deadline to meet to get all the contents that will be in my booth at the Martha Pullen Sewing Event in Arlington, Texas, by the specified time - I can laugh about it now but not being experienced at this, I just don't know quite what to expect. I wanted to have enough but not too much - now I can finally get excited about the trip next week. Thank goodness that Andrea will come to help (Jenni would love to come too but she'll be at a seminar for her new job).
Our son, Ian, has worked really hard to implement another of his Mom's whims to have new branding. Using just "Margo" for labels and packaging just seemed to make sense since that is "Her Majesty's" name after all!!! (hehehe)

When I decided to accept Martha's invitation, I knew I'd need a booth sign so I felted quite a huge one using machine-needle felted (of course) and stitched letters so Ian designed a font for my labels, etc., using my fabrics in various colors within each letter to match the sign and I just LOVE how they turned out; it sure helps to have talented children willing to help.

I honestly meant to take pictures as I went along but truly didn't have any spare time at all - thank goodness for Andrea, our eldest daughter who came to help making fiber packs and flower kits.

Since never having had a booth before I had to ask a lot of questions from experiences vendors of all the "what and what not to do" nature. At first I wanted to offer lots of felted items but early on I realized that I'd never have enought time to accomplish this so I set out to make lots of kits - and this meant lots of dyeing on the weekends. I probably dyed 20 - 30 yard of various silks and some curls/roving as well. The bottom line is that it is all SHIPPED and should arrive in place tomorrow - Yippee!!! what a feeling.

And of course, the presentation - organizing tons of pictures was just the beginning and now to practice to keep within the hour (I could go on and on and on . . . )

There is more to come tomorrow - I actually had time to felt yesterday - ahhhh, "felt" so great and just the therapy I needed.


  1. Oh I ahve been thinking of you Margo and wondering how all of the preparations have been going!!!! First of all, I LOVE lOVe Ian's rebranding job!!! Simply fabulous!!! I can't wait to see your banner sign it sounds lucious!!! Be sure to take lots of pictures of your booth in Texas so we can see and drool over it all!!! I know that you will ahve a wonderful reception. I know that your talk will be wonderful and I for one, and I know that I am not alone, could sit and listen to you talk about the craft that you have such tlaent and passion for , for hours on end. I know that you will be your usual delightful self!! Don't fret too much and have a wonderful time!!! Hear is too glorious dye colors under our fingernails!!!
    Big Hugs!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, thanks for your encouragement - wish you could be there too! What fun things have you been up to lately? I know you are working on new creative things all the time!