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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Blog Look & Show

Blogger has a few new template offerings - and I just fell in love with the "watercolor" background I've changed to. Something about watercolor to inspire the creative juices every time; I was so delighted to find it as I'd seen it on another Blog and wondered how on earth to do something similar - well it had been readily available and when I found it (or did it find me?) I just couldn't resist; have to play around with changing the font color though when I get more time.

Andi and I have been invited to show and sell some of our work at a small gallery in the Hauser Estate wine shop right in the hear of Gettysburg.
I'm not a painter by any means but have had an idea for a couple of years now and have been playing around using various mediums as a background on which to mount my small felt pieces; this could be a new venture as I find it to be quite fascinating. For the background of this piece I used Liquitex "Resin Sand" mixed with acrylic paint; I thought it was finished a couple of weeks ago but everytime I'd walk past it, I'd feel as though it needed "something" on the bare wall. Painted some tiny flowers to repeat the felted flowers on the other side and that was all it took!


  1. Wow this is so stunning and very creative....loving your blog change too.

  2. Hi - thanks so much for visiting and for your feedback - love to hear comments!

  3. This is very nice Margo and I am sure someone will snap it up. Good luck on your new venture.