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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Summer Tag Sale! Sorry for the Problems - Please Read!

My apologies to all who are trying to make a purchase and the link doesn't work - please don't worry as I have quite a bit and I'll make it up to those who've tried without success by giving you an extra goody!!! I'll get Andi to fix this for me - sorry I would, but I don't know how. In the meantime, you can just write directly to me: and let me know what you'd like - you can always go to the Paypal site and send me a note there until it is fixed!

For a limited time, while supplies last -- buy one Snippets, get one free!!!! A piece of hand dyed silk will be included in your order as a special gift from me to you!

Stock up and save BIG Happy Embellishing from Her Majesty!



  1. margo!
    I was trying to purchase one hot and one cool snippets and the paypal button was not working.there was a problem with the account it said. I would love to purchase, so if you could e-mail me off blog I would love to set something up!!!
    Happy Creating!

  2. Hi Margo,
    I tried to purchase a couple of your goodies. The paypal button does not work. Please advise re best way to proceed.

  3. Margo! I'm trying to buy bags of your wonderful wares and the Paypal won't work; says to "contact the seller" and there's nowhere on your blog to email you.........!!!???Please contact me ASAP before the goodies are gone!
    Phyl in NC

  4. Phyllis, I'm so sorry - I'll get it fixed as soon as I can! I think of you often - everytime I see one of my goodies.