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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I've Been Up To . . . .

New Felted Laptop Bag for my Macbook Pro!

This is the front

The back

The inside

First of all, just the day before I left on my trip to Texas, my laptop decided to go on the "blink." I couldn't resist getting an Apple Macbook Pro and I just love it. It's lightweight and the software will make it easy for me to redo my website that I've put off changing for so long - the truth is that the present website I have is quite difficult to work on. I'm able to go to classes at the Apple Store at lunchtime any time I need help, so there are no excuses left other than lack of time --the store is just around the corner from my work! To carry it to class, I made a sturdy felted case that fits like a glove using a resist; there are two pockets inside -- one for the laptop and the other for my notebook.

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