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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fix Ups

As happens at times, I was disappointed in how much the red disappeared into the background; I had hoped it would make more of a statement but that didn't happen. So, a couple of things -- I simply embellished a piece of red over a portion of the left area. The wool area showing through in the middle got some beads that ended up reminding me of a fancy flower stem which needed a flower. If you look closely, you can also see that I also added a piece of velvet, a flower with a leaf and some more stitching to define them and balance the other side. BUT you need to know, that it took a few days of me looking at it to see what it needed to be finished and trying things out and you'll have to do the same with your piece; if you do this exercise enough, your eye will become trained.
Try various approaches and different materials - embroidery, beads. You can always remove them or cover them up if they don't turn out the way you like. I could have done crazy stitching by hand with a heavier thread or embellished some yarn on top - there are all sorts of options once you get to this point.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial - let me know if you have questions and please send pictures so we can all see the various approaches and different colorways from all of you who chose to partake.


  1. Nice obviously enjoy what you are doing. Elegant design, too.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write - love hearing from others that enjoy the same fun as I!

  3. This is gorgeous work. I love what you are doing here - so many options to create such a beautiful piece - a little bit of craziness!