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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Broken Wrist and Pittsburgh

Having the Fancy Pin from Needle Felting Magic be the free class project for the Pittsburgh Knitting and Crochet event this year (check out the link to Positive Yarn at the top) was an awsome experience especially shared with my friend Pat who kindly drove "The Embellisher Queen" hahaha, we had more than a few laughs along the way - the pin became the "badge" for the hundreds of ladies who tried their hand at the Embellishers provided by Gloria Horn for the show. The Host, Barbara Grossman, provided a very delicious buffet with a large assortment of fiber and ribbons to suit everyone's taste! I had plenty of help and met the most wonderful ladies. The show was a great success although I had to leave early to go to SC where our little grandson was having surgery on his leg.

A few days after I returned, I slid down some stairs (my fault for rushing) and ended up with a broken wrist in a cast for 5 (yes FIVE) weeks which is not fun for me - (exhausting to get a shower) but it could have been much worse.


  1. So sorry about your injury. I hope it heals soon so you can get back to work!

  2. Mind that wrist Margo, at least you didn't live up to the expression 'Break a leg'!!!

  3. Fab brooch, great colors!!
    Get well soon!

    Sophie, the Netherlands

  4. I hope you and your grandson will be better soon!

  5. So sorry for your troubles. We met in Pittsburgh at the fashion show. I really enjoyed your projects and thanks to Gloria I purchased two felting machines, one for me and one for dear DIL. Hope you heal quickly and are back creating new projects!