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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

New Felt Works

Some things I've been working on lately - I had many yards of some gorgeous crinkled cotton in my stash.  The top is nuno felted and cut using a Natalie Chanin pattern - it is cut and sewn (those of you who know me, know that I LOVE cutting/sewing my felts) with some extra embellishments added - circles showing the reverse side with hand stitched sequins and beads.

 This is a collar that can be used separately or with the dress for chilly evenings.
The back of the dress is very simple and I decided it needed a special touch, so I added a nuno flower.  This dress is elegant and pretty enough to be used for a wedding dress; the sides are gathered up very slightly at the hem.
My "Charity" dress is finally finished with a simple flower necklace added for enhancement.I always learn something new from Charity - wish she could come live with me - I love her!

 and . . . I finally had the time to complete my Jean Gaugher butterfly wrap - quite large and very beautiful.
  and also finished this aqua top that began as a dress before I changed my mind!


  1. Stinning work your Majesty!!! My avourite is the butterfly wrap closely followed by the aqua top.
    You are a very talented lady!

  2. Prawie rok kazałaś czekać, ale warto było.
    Niesamowite kreacje.