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Monday, October 07, 2013

Eco Printing - Just the Beginning

So, although I've been itching to get to my eco dyeing again, I haven't been able to find the time because of deadlines and all the socializing that goes on around here!  Not that I'm complaining!  We have met some very lovely friends and socialized more in the past two months than we did in years before moving here, of course it helps those in Habersham are here because they chose to be here!  Anyway, just a brief trial with some found leaves/nuts (sadly I don't know enough to identify them, but I do know where to get more), some onion skins and a little eucolyptus I brought with me that I got from California; I'm very sparing with the euco because I don't have much and want to save it for an actual project.  I had a bunch of white nuno scraps leftover from the recent white dress that I do not want to waste, so I bundled them up and think they will be a good hand stitching opportunity for future workshops in 2014.  The top piece is etamine, I've had it a while and wondered how it would do with eco printing (quite lovely I may add) just another experiment that I will include in some garment I'm sure.


  1. come back to the Netherlands Margo!
    lets work together
    you my ecoprinting knowledge
    me your machine felting knowledge
    what wonderful pieces we will make..........
    love you at first sight

  2. Yvette. My darling! How lovely - been talking to Dorie about teaching together with Galena from Moscow in 2015! And YES we would do wonderful works together - so exciting!

  3. Do you have a workshop schedule posted anywhere online? Do you ever teach in Beaufort? Or anywhere in NC?

    1. Hi Laura! I think I may have found a venue here in Beaufort to teach but waiting to hear -- I will teach anywhere I'm invited! Love teaching new people and making new friends!