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Monday, April 09, 2007

What to do with some fabulous "leafy" paper purchased a few weeks ago in an upscale card/gift store?

It has a handmade textured backing with really lovely delicate soft aquamarine leaves almost floating on top reminding me of the view you get when gazing up through the trees.
We hosted Easter dinner for our family yesterday. I really enjoyed doing this as I love planning the table decorations (to give the grandchildren fond memories and besides I'm just a kid at heart) and the menu with a few favorites such as stuffed leg of lamb as well . It also allowed the side of me that loves to experiment in the kitchen to try something new thanks to; I tried her appetizer of crostini with pear pine nuts, ginger and gorgonzola grilled for a few moments - YUM!
After all that work, I needed an Embellisher "fix" this morning. I'm not surrounded by all my colorful samples since I shipped them off a few days ago to Nancy's Notions in preparation for next weekend class and trunk show so things feel a little "bare" here (okay, less cluttered!)

In my stash I found some lovely border leicester curls and a piece of wide silk ribbon dyed last year and left over from another project. It still needed something else so I decided that lace scraps would be perfect to add texture to the smoothness of the leaves. I still had no idea where this was going. I began with a rectangle of the paper and began layering lace, curls and ribbon. It was pretty but lacked interest so I took a chance and cut it up into several long rectangular pieces, arranged them mosaic style on to another torn piece of the same paper and embellished them down. It makes a great collage and will look great mounted on to a board for hanging. I'll look at it for a day or so to decide if it needs machine stitching or beads. Sometimes simplicity is best and you have to listen to your inner voice telling you it is time to stop.


  1. Your collage is so full of life. I love both the colours and the texture.

    Thanks for leading me here.

  2. I love the colors! I can see why you were attracted to this paper. What will you do with it?

  3. Oh dear! - just now realized in September that I can respond to your questions and comments! I must be a slow learner! but then again this blogging is still new to me! I use the samples I make as part of my trunk show. I almost always create a sample piece before incorporating the ideas into a project so I'll be able to tell how well the materials mix and what the color mix will be. In this case I let the paper talk to me as it is so soft and subtle. The lace and pearls really add texture and interest but yet don't overpower the softness of the paper itself.