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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm posting a progress picture of the silk flower garden I needle and wet felted last week. The plan is to add hand embroidery, silk ribbon, beads and anything else that comes to me. So far, I've added some (a lot!) of french knots and silk ribbon. It has been really difficult to capture just how delicate and interesting the piece is -- a mix of pleated hand dyed silk (by me!) and fiber. I want to really not overpower the piece itself but to make each corner interesting enough for your eye to linger a bit before moving on to the next.


  1. Is this the same piece from the 7th?
    I am really enjoying your fiber works, maybe one of these days I will try the felting. Lovely piece!

  2. Gail, thanks! yes this is the piece from earlier that was needle felted and stitched on to water soluble fabric. I love mixing media and these delicate fabrics and colors need delicate embroidery too; however, it is a challenge for the hand work not to get lost but to add interest. My plan is to add lots of french knots, silk ribbon embroidery and beads much like you would adorn a crazy quilt piece.