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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Osmon Rug Workshop

Nancy's "girls" -- all dressed up for the party complete with prom dresses !

Mehmet cooking us a delicious shrimp lunch complete with Meditarean vegetables (and his specialty, "hot" sauce)
Did I mention Nancy's antique cape? What class! Another "Queen"!!!
Mehmet helping with my border. I decided to something completely different for me -- I always do flowers but I really wanted to learn how to replicate a design - and as you can see, I got plenty of practice!
Nancy's creation - check out her bird!

A sampling of Mehmet and Theresa's work - we all had an opportunity to enjoy their work up close.

More fabulous detail - everywhere you looked Nancy had special touches!
Theresa after a long work day - and still cheerful!
The "girls" shoes! awww . . .

Mehmet taking a turn rolling (3 rugs inside!) -- he helped us all and made sure we understood the technique.
See what I mean about the endless rolling?
You can see for yourself, just how much fun we had!
Mehmet made rolling look so easy -- his hands are very powerful after all his years of practice - he's been felting since he was 13 years old and felt rug making is a family tradition.

Mehmet demonstrating how to begin our design. The first day was spent laying it out, the second day was spent filling in with the wool and on the third day, we rolled, and rolled and rolled and then when we were exhausted, we fulled and then we rolled some more!
This my friend Kathy, laying out her gorgeous flower design - she does some amazing work.

Look at the intricate design here! We were all given personal guidance - and then it was up to us!
These are the amazing results of the workshop held at the amazing studio of Nancy Schmitt in Westminster, Maryland. Nancy is the tall, gorgeous brunette with Mehmet's arm around her. (I'm the short one on his other side!) This three-day workshop was physically and mentally challenging but worth every single moment!

The fun took place inside and outside of Nancy's fabulous studio. One third is a cozy seating area complete with overstuffed chairs, felted ottoman and a fireplace with mosaic surrounds - (I know I can't keep repeating the word fabulous, but I want you to get the picture!). The rest is a work room complete with wonderful brightly painted tables just the right height for felting, running water, a stove, plenty of storage and french doors that open to the outside.
I'm going to add some more pictures here but I'm no expert on arranging things the way I like them on Blogger (don't have the time that it takes to learn how) so I know they will all be out of order but you'll get the idea.


  1. Great rugs! Must have been a fun company to do it with...judging from the pictures!
    We did a 1-day-class w/Mehmet (+Theresa as "moderator") in February and the same rug class w/Theresa only last June. Awesome! I am sooooo glad I could do it all! Enjoy your rug! and make some more!
    Piroska (from the feltlist)

  2. great to see you working with Mehmet. I have follwed a course with my family in his own workshop in Turkey. He wil come to the Netherlands in April next year, because I have invited him to do some classes overhere. I hope it wil be such as succesfull as yours.

    And your rug turned out great!

    Can I link your blog in my blog? (