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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Cottages have always fascinated me - especially "thatched" cottages. The very image conjures up happiness and serenity. I imagine a little family going about their routine and enjoying their tranquil surroundings. These are two versions of my "fairytale" impression of what an ideal life could be in such a cozy place surrounded by nature's beauty.

One of the first pieces created with my new Embellisher several years ago was an English thatched cottage and I've been modifying them ever since. These two are wool complete with tiny windows and thatched roofs - the snow cottage has a an sparkling icy roof that overhangs every so slightly. It's very difficult to photograph as they are so small. The photos just don't show the stitched detail or the textures (including the velvet tree) very well - they are both Artist Postcard size (4x6) and were lots of fun to think about and create.


  1. Hello Margo, These PC are truly beautiful. Judy

  2. Judy, that means a lot coming from you - your blog is full of love.

  3. These are beautiful!

  4. I am in love , beautiful !
    Rini - the Netherlands