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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finished Felted Gloves

I finally had the time this weekend to finish felting the fingerless gloves started a few days ago. I'm so pleased with the results, although there was so much talk on my felt group about some people not felting sufficiently enough that I went a little overboard! In fact, I made a small pair(pink), a medium (blue) and a large (plum/green) and ended up having to really stretch them out so they will fit the young women they are intended for!

I do agree that many (especially new felters) stop working with the felt before they should; however, I don't agree that everything needs to be a really hard felt - I'll clarify this: bags and wearable goods in order to be durable and not fall apart really need to be a very hard felt but many of the items I make such as my flower art felts among others are better left a little soft. Of course, most of my machine needle/wet felted items also have stitching so the composition and the end results are quite different. These gloves are a good hard felt but quite pliable and soft (I always use a little hair conditioner in the rinse water) and functional - yeah, my first Christmas gifts complete before Thanksgiving!


  1. These gloves are very lovely - I agree with you. The hardness of the felt depends on the purpouse of their being.

  2. What a wonderfull idea to use softener.

  3. Thanks you - I love visitors!

  4. Hi Margo,
    These are lovely. I keep trying to make something like these but the thumb alway seems to thick. Have you got any tips you are willing to share? I am using a template and laying 3 thin layers of merino, does this sound right?

  5. These gloves are so lovely... Im' a felter too... love embellishing and using a myriad of natural things in my felting... seeds, bone, feathers...
    I've bee wanting to try and make gloves... today with chill of fall in the air, I am totally inspired... yum!!!

  6. Margo...
    I've simply fallen in love with everything you do... I love the interpaly of colour and texture... every piece is so magical... Your dying experiment with rose petals is wonderful... I collect masses of them here by the sea... mostly for cooking, though I make flower essence medicine with them too...
    never thought to use them in a dying project... but I'm going to gather some today before the frost comes... can hardly wait to try...
    Where can I buy the bags of fleece and curls?

  7. Sharon - you are so very kind!!! thank you so much - just what I need to cheer me up on such a dreary and hectic work day! I love that you use roses for cooking and I'm so jealous of your close proximity to the sea - one day I will be too in SC. I see that you found my Etsy site and I'll put together some fun things for your enjoyment. This past weekend i wrapped up a wide variety of mushrooms in some silk to see what colors I get; I also made some vertigris and I'm planning a Blog post with the results.