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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kindness of CiberSpace friend

Isn't it lovely? A surprise gift from a friend I've yet to meet - Phyllis King from North Carolina created this special "Her Majesty" crown just for me using some of her vintage jewelry. My humble photograph can't begin to do it justice! Phyllis is a talented artist who does gorgeous watercolors (I'm lucky enough to have one of those too) and a myriad of other things - we share a love of fiber but Phyllis does so much more and is so very kind and thoughtful; every time I look at it, it gives me a smile or two and makes me think of her.


  1. Hello Ms. Margo!

    I recently bought your book,Needlefelting Magic and am enthralled and inspired. Your work is just gorgeous. In my search to find the water soluable fabric you mention, I was delighted to stumble upon your blog. I'm still looking for the fabric in a small amount but in the meantime, I am adding myself as a follower and invite you to visit mine as well.


  2. Hi Luna! thanks for visiting - would you like to trade some Vilene for some of your dyed Shetland wool? (I was in rapture watching my Mom's cousin's Shetland flock while I was in Stornoway a couple of years ago - they ran away from me quickly as they seemed to know what I had in mind !!!)

  3. A crown well deserved and as beautiful as you are. I love your work Margo . You inspire me and I have one of your books which I absorb on a daily basis!
    I know Phy and she is all you say.... What a lovely gift she made for you....

  4. You are so very sweet and kind! -- thank you so much. It helps to know others enjoy things that I do - there is so much time and effort spent experimenting and some experiments just don't turn out the way we had envisioned, do they? and then there are the ones that make our heart flutter and make it all worthwhile.