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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Felting progress

A tiny nuno corsage made from scraps of silk gauze and ribbon, silk fiber and wool with shibori flowers. I may use this as an embellishment for the bag.

This is the front of the bag that is still a work in progress. Materials used were wool/mohair layer with added layers of the Finn wool, wool curls and silk hankies dyed a few weeks ago and silk velvet flower the center circle was felted in with lots of rubbing to incorporate it and the extra leaves were felted onto prefelt separately then stitched on by hand - I love the "crinkly" effect. Mohair is hairy when felted; however, this isn't too bad used here since it is buried beneath the Finn wool and it can always be shaved!

This the other side of the bag - more velvet circles and silk hankies were used for the flower petals.

I still need to come up with some ideas to enhance each side and of course add a handle. I'm also searching for a sturdy, fun fabric to use as a lining.

Silk velvet used for the petals prior to cutting and felting - lovely variegated shades of grape.


  1. The crinkly effect on the silk velvet is jsut marvelous!! I would so llove to learn how to do this!!!!!
    Have you hear of Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria in VA??? I would so love to get you to teach some classes there!! The owners name is Judy Gula snd I am going to get her to contact you!!
    Your work is just so lucious and inspiring!!!

  2. Elizabeth - no I haven't heard of it but that sounds like fun!

    You always say the nicest things!

  3. I love how the bag is progressing especially the textured areas where you laid out the velvet circles!

  4. Oh Margo, This bag is beautiful.
    Love the color and the textures.
    will you apply some beads too?

  5. Nicole and Maggie - thank you!

    Maggie, I think beads would be great around the centers - they'd need to be small and secured really well so they won't wear off; this bag is going to have to be a "workhorse"!

  6. Margo, at first..congratulations with your new grandchild...
    I kind of lost you but for now on i'll is so much beauty!
    I'm surely going to buy your book. You promised us to show dying with little mess...please?


  7. Yvette! thanks for the congratulation on my new little "Win" the most handsome and best natured, sweetest little one anyone could wish for!

    There is already a tutorial on my blog for easy dyeing! Look under "Inspired by Pansies and Hydrangea"