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Monday, October 19, 2009

15 Minutes of Fame

That's right - 15 minutes! That's precisely how much time you get to do your "Schoolhouse Presentation" in Houston. It wasn't enough that's for sure as there was a lot of interest and many questions about the wet felting process. I could have gone on for hours about my passion! I met the same group of ladies that attended my demonstrations a couple of years ago when my first book was introduced. I wish I had gotten a picture of these ladies - so friendly and all decked out in their creative best - all very talented and I'm flattered that they think I know enough to follow my work. I even met some people that read my Blog! It truly is a small world. Although Martingale hadn't arranged for any demos this time, I managed to get some time at the Babylock booth as my followers (and some new ones too) were desperate to learn more - the folks at Babylock were kind enough to let me use their machine for as long as I needed - luckily I had brought a ton of supplies and some sample fiber packs that were "ripped" open and attacked! This is the only picture of me (I really don't like any pics of myself) but my beautiful and VERY creative firstborn, Andrea, was my helper and model and we got stopped everywhere we went with questions about who made the vests, bags and wraps. We had some great times - fancy dining, shopping, gazing at the amazing creativity of the very talented quiltmakers and even made time to loaf a little - well deserved for Andrea who is a busy Mom who has a husband, two daughters, two dogs, mice and a horse (as well as a very responsible job from home helping kids!) Isn't she great? (also the kindest person you'd ever want to meet)

I'm the luckiest Mom alive to have three such caring and wonderful children who are all doing a great job with their own families!!!

This is one of the booths we were very impressed with - we spent lots of time admiring the setup and the well arranged color groupings of all these fabulous ribbons, buttons and buckles. I spent hours there (as well as some $$$) and had a difficult time not buying more.


  1. Margo,
    I didn't know you were at Houston this year. I am here all week. Would have loved to seen you and your new book. Next year?

  2. Hi there!!! I'd love to have met up with you -- were you there for Market too?

  3. What a fabulous looking stand, I too would have stayed for ages just absorbing all that wonderful colour.
    lol Jan x