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Monday, December 21, 2009

Feast or Famine

There have been no Blog posts recently because it's hard to bake, felt, shop and decorate while sitting at the computer (and, oh yes, how could I forget about my job and all that entails working at a Church during this Christmas season!). Anyway, I make little hand sugar cookies, iced with Royal Icing and dusted with edible gold every Christmas as everyone just loves them. I have a few different "hand" cookie cutters but this size seems to work best. This year, I decided to add what I feel - I'm so grateful for everything we've been blessed with and wanted everyone else to share the Love. These are the "practice" cookies, left for my husband to enjoy while I had to attend a late night meeting. The recipe I have is for 12 dozen but it only makes half of that number. I do it in stages: make the dough and cut into 4 sections, wrap in wax paper and chill until I get the time to bake a section at a time or all if I can manage.

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