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Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Princess

I just couldn't resist this "Snowflakes" sign and then I found a Snow Princess a couple of weeks ago - I'm wondering if she is the one who "commanded" this past weekend's 24" snowfall? If so, she's been very naughty as she's caused havoc with our plans to have our SC family with little Win. They were supposed to arrive this past weekend and you know the rest! This picture was taken early evening on Saturday and it kept snowing through the night. Good thing I'm on vacation this week since we have along winding driveway through the woods so I'm not going anywhere for a few days. I only hope that our family will be able to make it for Christmas Eve and we always have the family party; this is baby Win's first and some in the family haven't met him yet.

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  1. WE just saw our first plow go by and we are down near Fredericksburg in VA!! it was 11am on Monday morning!! I am sure that your family will be able to get here by Wednesday or Thursday!! The main roads are pretty good I hear!!
    Holiday hugs!