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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Silk Strips, Felting and more . . .

Nana Margo helping Meg with her sewing machine while her sister felts in the kitchen! Meg loves to sew and has great plans for this summer - I can't wait to spend more time helping her and I know whatever she makes will turn out great! I think we are very lucky to have children who want to instill important values in their own children's lives. Not too much TV nor electronic games. For one thing, these girls are so busy with the horse, the dogs (Australian Shepherds) and not to mention the mouse!
When Andi returned home from our trip she was inspired and went "shopping" for wool and fabric in my "stash." When we visited her over the Memorial Day weekend (they live in a small country town 10 minutes North of Gettysburg) she let me see what she had been working on. She had embellished strips of colorful silk and velvet on to water soluble stabilizer as she saw me do for my demos and then stitched them down before washing away the background. The only thing is that she is not a sewer - a fabulous, creative artist but sewing is just not her thing. So fixing it became our creative challenge which brought in adorable Emma who is good at everything she undertakes - school lessons, riding horses, playing the alto sax, etc., who wanted to help. Andi pulled out some of the wool she had and we began laying it down over the wrong side of the piece and wet felting it. As you can see, Emma loves to roll and the finished project is just what her Mom wanted - she has a lovely piece of mixed silk and wool for the project she plans to make!

All this gave me an idea for our first "Embellishers Come Out of the Closet" project which I finished yesterday and will begin posting about soon.

Good job Emma!


  1. Margo~
    I can't wait to see what you come up with with us closet ladies!! I think I might have used mine once or twice. I have your books and way too much stash to use with it so I need to get going and "produce" something. Love it that your granddaughter is into sewing !! Wish mine were. Hugs, Karen

  2. Oh how lucky these girls are to have a most creative and enthusiastic Nana Close by!!!! Someday i hope that my daughter 13 will want to get her hands into some of my stash!!

  3. Karen - I have plans to post the first steps really soon - keep tuned!

  4. Hi there Elizabeth! sorry I didn't answer sooner but between catching up with work and family . . . . well, I know you'll understand since you are a family person as well. Meg, the 13 year old, has always loved fabric and color. When she was just 2 or 3 she'd be happy as a lark, just sitting playing with my quilt fabric stash admiring the colors while I visited with her Mom. As she got older, my armoire was the first place she'd head and want to organize and sort the colors. It's in the blood LOLOLOL!! she has our "disease"!!! The first time I showed her all my embroidery thread organized by color each in its own drawer, she was speechless and all she could manage was a weak little OHHHHH!!!