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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indigo Vest

The indigo felt has been cut up and made into a vest - and sent off to the Art League of Pittsburgh for the fashion show on February 11 along with the "leafy" vest and the blue "scrumble" wrap posted about some time ago - (I can post another picture for those who are interested - I thought it would fit in well and give some ideas to those who enjoy free form knitting/crochet) - as you can see, the indigo faded quite a bit during felting so I did add touches of orange and some stitching to give it just a little zap of interest as well as a "sparkly" button made with my handy-dandy button machine!


  1. WOW, I love all that detailed texture and garment shape .I think the colors are a nice "spring soft" .

  2. Kamizelka rewelacja aż mi przykro, że tak nie umiem. Falbanki rewelacyjne!

  3. Thanks for your lovely words! glad you enjoy.