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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I've been so excited here working on what I call my "flower" series -- these pieces are quite small but I love working with detail. At this point I don't know what the end result will be -- each piece is needle felted using my Embellisher, stitched and then wet felted and I have become completely obsessed! I can't wait to have time to create some more.


  1. Love that flower series. So much detail and wonderful colours.

  2. Thank you Karin - keep tuned there are more coming! You know how it is once you are inspired -- for me at least, I become obsessed and am on a mission to collect flower images now!

  3. you are adding "thread painting" to your gorgeous felted
    pieces, I see!These flower
    works in your series are
    just wonderful; especially
    my beloved red poppy!
    Thanks for sharing your news/projects with us, your
    faithful fans!

  4. The pictures really don't do the flowers justice -- they are small for the most part - maybe 4 or 5" and stitching before wet felting really makes the felting "pop."