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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flower Cuff After Stitching

The flowers have been stitched using clear Sulky thread on top (I use whatever is already in the bobbin - sometimes I'll really loosen the tension so that a little of the bobbin thread shows on top).

Note that you are creating the illusion of flowers by adding stitched to mimic the petals - notice the added details that create much more interest than if everything were of the same scale. Also consider repeating the flowers and colors to make your cuff more pleasing to the eye. Another tip: be sure to add at least a little green - nature never shows flowers without it!

This cuff could be finished and used as is by just adding a button and carefully slitting a buttonhole in a strategic place - flower center perhaps? (a fast, easy and beautiful gift); however, for those interested in my next step which will be Wet Felting
(when I get the time) and always adds an element of surprise because you never quite know how it will look when it is finished - that's what makes it fun for me!


  1. it's so wonderful!!!!!!!
    lovely flowers,lovely colors.....great!!!

  2. I bow before Her Majesty's greatness! These rawk!

  3. Margo, Your cuffs are just beautiful!