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Saturday, May 09, 2009

MS&W Purchases

As usual, I overdid buying more glorious fiber at last week's show although I had made up my mind not to - yep, I'm weak when it comes to fiber; especially when it's something I don't already have. One of the things I purchased was a batt that had been fulled in the washing machine by the vendor - I never would have tried that on my own thinking I'd end up with a woolly mess but there are some lovely organic pieces. This one called out to be a "cuff" so I needle and wet felted some flowers and will add some beads and hand embroidery; at the far right if you look closely you'll see a rosy pink clay button that fits right in, also from the wool festival.

These are additions to my "stash" and include bamboo fiber, angora/silk/merino and wool/seacell (seaweed!) that I can't wait to try. I'll also incorporate some of these fibers into my "Confections" that I sell retail - I'd been selling them through "Nancy's Notions" and verified they'd continue to carry thembefore listing them as a source in my book but they have a new buyer and maybe fiber isn't her thing!
"Confections" a variety fiber pack, and "Snippets" a selections of color coordinated silk fabric, yarns and fiber for machine needle felting will be sold either through my web site or through Etsy. Of course, I sell these wholesale as well - please contact me for information if you're interested in carrying them.

These new fibers from last weekend are a tiny addition to what I already have. In fact, I've decided to move from the room I've been using as a studio into a much larger room - all the furniture has been cleared out, the rug (yes I'd love to have a wood floor but this will have to do in the meantime) has been stretched and cleaned, the space has been planned and some nice storage pieces selected from Ikea - I just can't wait to have a large, organized space (I've already taken over the walk-in closet in the large room for my wool and curl stash, bolts of fabric and other supplies); it will be so wonderful to have everything in one space and in order. There will be room for the seven machines I have, the drumcarder, quilting table and fabric stash, samples and office necessities too - computer and files.


  1. Now that you have this larger space, might you consider teaching in your own space??? I have heard that youa re a very inspiring teacher????? I love the prefeltsw with the work that you have done so far- you are a fiber artist after my own heart!! the wool and fiber are just the begining!!! that stunning button looks like it was made just for you and your style!!! i hope that I canm get my hands on similar items at Montpellier!!!

  2. Isn't it great to upgrade your workspace? I just did and find that working in the new brighter ( in my case) space gives my creative spirit a big lift.

  3. Who could possibly resist those? I can only imagine the magic you will create with these fibers.
    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  4. Arlene - I love your blog, just visited it :-) Do you have any tips for a fabulous studio? - I've gotten some neat ideas from one of QA Studio magazines.

    Pat, thanks for visiting me - I had no business purchasing one more thing to work with (but I'm glad I did :-) just looking at it gives me great pleasure so I haven't even put it away yet!

  5. Elizabeth,you are very sweet to want to be in one of my classes. I love to teach and share with others but I'm just not going to be abe to do that at home - where do you live? why not check out your local Dealer to see if they'd be interested in hosting a class? When we move to SC,(perhaps next year) I plan on having a studio space for teaching!